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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

E-mail List Sign Ups

Hello Fellow Creatives,

I'm just curious what you think about e-mail list sign-ups.  I'm trying to build my e-mail list as I'm sure all of my fellow authors are.   We've all heard about the importance of the list.  If you listen to many podcasts you hear it preached over and over again.  That and having a platform, etc., etc., etc.,
I know a lot of authors give away one of their own books to build a list.  I'm about to launch my first and don't have a large backlist of books, so giving away my only one isn't a luxury I can afford.  I am working on a trilogy and I plan to eventually give the first one in the series away, but it will be awhile before the trilogy is finished.  I'm looking for creative ways to build a targeted list of people that share my interests.  What do you suggest?  What makes you sign up for a list?  Has anyone out there ever paid to advertise with an e-mail list service?  Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your input and as always, happy writing!

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