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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Podcast Paradise

Okay, I really hate to admit that I am so late to the party, but I have just recently discovered podcasts.  I have been learning a great deal while driving down the road and doing mundane household chores.  I love, love multitasking.   I've devoured at least thirty of Joanna Penn's podcasts in the past week.  As a result, I have decided to be an indie author instead of taking the traditional route.  It has also reinforced the need to choose a social media outlet that I enjoy and get out there.  Being an introverted writer, social media has traditionally not been my thing.  I updated my Facebook photo last night.  I had not done so since 2013 and I probably only post things twice a year.  I do look at Twitter frequently, although I have only posted on it once.  I think that I am going to go with Twitter.  I've heard it can be fun.  Any thoughts from my fellow writers out there?

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